10 Data Entry Jobs You Can Work from Home

Updated March 17, 2023 – Data entry is a very popular “idea” when it comes to work at home jobs. The reality is more complicated. These types of jobs are not plentiful, finding legitimate opportunities is tough, and there is a lot of competition. So, if you manage to snag a data entry opportunity, do a great job! Because there are plenty of other people waiting to take your place.

Below we offer a list of 10 companies that offer legitimate data entry jobs from home. (At least our research suggests they are legit; always do your homework when working for any company.) They may not have an opening when you visit their site, but most allow you to apply or otherwise get on their list — do it! Many of these will never show an opening online because they already have a lengthy waiting list. (Also, see our list of the best work at home jobs for options other than data entry.)

  • Scribie – Offers work-at-home jobs transcribing audio files, at a pay rate of $5-$20 per audio hour transcribed, so it pays to be a fast transcriber. (You actually get the audio files in 6-minute chunks, so you’ll get paid even for less than an hour of actual audio time.) Proofreading and other tasks may be added after you’ve done a certain number of jobs. Pay is via PayPal.
  • Sigtrack – This data entry job is based around politics. Here’s how Sigtrack describes what you do: “The work is mostly searching petition signatures against voter databases to see if they match, then ‘tagging’ the signature with the results.” Pay is based on completing “blocks” of signatures, and you are paid weekly.

  • Rev – Work from home doing data entry as either a transcriptionist or captioner. (Both of these essentially mean that you are listening to audio and typing it out.)
  • Quicktate/iDictate – Transcription jobs you can do from home. Pay is a penny per 2-4 words, depending on the type of transcription — so the faster you can type, the better your hourly rate will be. Payment is via PayPal.
  • Axion Data Services – Offers work-at-home data entry operator jobs, though it sounds like positions don’t come open all that often.
  • AccuTran Global – This company offers mainly transcription work. Pay varies and is based on number of words in a transcript. Company is in Canada but hires at-home workers in the U.S. as well.
  • Kendall Creek Communications – Transcribe audio files for their corporate and legal clients. Last we could tell the pay was $.40 to $1.75 per minute of audio transcribed, so the faster you can type, the better your per-hour wage will be.
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk – While this definitely wouldn’t qualify as a regular job, you can find small data entry tasks as well as other small jobs you can do from home. The pay is low unless you have a long track record with the service and/or special skills that command more money.
  • Clickworker – Data entry and other small “microjobs” such as editing text, doing research, etc., that you can do from home. Get paid on a monthly or weekly basis.
  • MicroWorkers – Similar to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Small tasks, including data entry, are offered on the site, and you decide whether to accept them at the pay rate offered.