14 Classified Ads Sites Like Craigslist

Updated April 10, 2020 – Everyone knows Craigslist is the big dog in online classifieds. But sometimes Craigslist has too many ads to sift through or too many classifieds to get your ad noticed. Below we offer a list of over 15 alternative classified ads sites (in the United States) similar to Craigslist that might also do the job for you (while being less crowded and cheaper/free):

  • Facebook Marketplace – Strictly for buying and selling items, Facebook’s classified ads site is more like eBay than Craigslist. However, if that’s the area you’re most interested in, this site is an alternative to Craigs.
  • eBay – Strictly for buying or selling, of course, so not a true classifieds, but obviously a big player in the e-commerce space for people who want to buy or sell used items (or new items). Note that eBay previously had an eBay Classifieds site separate from eBay that was more like Craigslist, but that site has been closed.
  • OfferUp – This site is like Craigslist in that it offers a local buying and selling marketplace, but it is mainly used as a mobile app versus a desktop site (though it does have a standard website, too).
  • Oodle – Maybe the biggest alternative to Craigslist, Oodle is a free classifieds site that functions mainly as a marketplace for buying and selling, but also has sections for jobs, housing, etc. It includes some community forum features as well, but these are sort of tucked away and not highly used.

  • ClassifiedAds.com – Also very similar to Craigslist, with a buying and selling marketplace as well as listings for jobs, services, real estate, pets, personals and more. Free.
  • Locanto – Large online marketplace flies under the radar as an alternative to Craigslist, but has a large number of classifieds in major U.S. cities, as well as classifieds sites for smaller cities/counties as well.
  • LetGo – Another online classifieds marketplace known more as a mobile app, but offers an online site that is like a mix between Craigslist and Pinterest.
  • FreeClassifieds.com – Offers free classified ads for major U.S. cities, with the auto and jobs sections having the most listings, though bigger cities have a good amount of for-sale listings, too.
  • Swappa – More like an eBay or an Amazon Third-Party Seller type of site, with new and used items for sale from a variety of different sellers.
  • Patch – This network of sites offers local news and happenings for hundreds of U.S. cities, and each city’s Patch has Craigslist-like listings of for-sale items, jobs, etc.
  • Recycler – Somewhat limited in the number of listings it currently has posted, but offers free classifieds in a format that Craigslist users will easily understand and appreciate.
  • PennySaver – Offers free listings but the site is a bit of a mess design-wise — Craigslist users will find it’s not the easy experience they prefer.
  • AdLand Pro – Offers free classifieds a la Craigslist, but it’s a bit of a needle-in-a-haystack when it comes to actually finding quality listings in your area.
  • Geebo – This site offers a Craigslist-like experience (well, kinda) and bills itself as “Safe Community Classifieds”.

In addition, be sure to check the websites of your local newspaper and other local community sites. The bigger the city you are in, the more options you have for classified sites like Craigslist. Also, there are many classified ads sites specific to cars for sale, jobs, etc., but in this list we’ve tried to stick to larger marketplaces with many ad categories.