Capital Gains Tax Rates – How much are taxes on Long-Term Capital Gains & Short-Term Capital Gains?

Below is a quick chart of capital gains tax rates for tax year 2021. You will find further explanations below the charts.

Short-Term Capital Gains Tax Rate

Short-term capital gains (on assets bought and sold in less than one year) are treated the same as any other regular income you make. So you simply add those short-term gains to the other income you make during the year and you’ll get taxed on all of that short-term income using the Federal Tax Brackets found here.

So, for example, if you made $60,000 at your job and had $13,000 in short-term capital gains, the IRS tells you to simply add those amounts together, and you’d get the same tax treatment on all $73,000 of “regular income.”

Long-Term Capital Gains Tax Rate (Assets Sold Beyond One Year):

Your long-term rate is… If you are a Single taxpayer with income of… Or, if Married, Filing Jointly, with combined income of…
0% $1 – $40,400 $1 – $80,800
15% $40,401 – $445,850 $80,801 – $501,600
20% $445,851 or higher $501,601 or higher

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