Amazon Visa Credit Card FAQ (Amazon Rewards Visa & Prime Rewards Visa)

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Amazon Rewards Visa credit card and the Amazon Prime Visa credit card (for Amazon Prime members, obviously). (NOTE: For Amazon Visa login, payment, and customer service info, go here.) Have other questions? Ask them in the comments on the bottom of this page.

Q. Does the Amazon Visa credit card have an annual fee?


Q. What bank issues the Amazon Visa credit card?

Chase is the issuing bank for Amazon’s Visa cards.

Q. Can I use the Amazon Visa credit card anywhere or only at Amazon?

You can use it at Amazon and anywhere else that Visa is accepted, which means almost every retailer that accepts credit cards would accept this card.

Q. Is there a sign up bonus opportunity if I apply and am approved for the Amazon Visa?

Yes. You will have an Amazon gift card loaded on to your account automatically when you are approved for the Amazon Visa credit card. The amount of that bonus gift card varies depending on the current offer. As of December 17, 2021, the bonus was $150 for Amazon Prime members who get approved for the Prime rewards Visa and the bonus was $75 for the Amazon Rewards Visa for new cardholders who are not paid Amazon Prime members.

Q. What is the interest rate / APR of the Amazon Visa credit card?

Your credit card APR could be anywhere from 14.24% to 22.24%, depending on Chase’s assessment of your credit history. Rates are variable, meaning they could automatically move up or down in line with Federal interest rates. (As of December 17, 2021)

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