Are JetBlue Travel Bank credits transferable?

Updated November 30, 2022 – If you were given a JetBlue credit due to some issue with a past JetBlue flight, that credit goes in to your “Travel Bank,” which is not as exotic as it sounds. It just means you have a credit in your account that must be used within a year of when it was issued. But, what if you want to transfer that credit to someone else? Can you do it?

Yes and no. Or maybe no and yes.

The “no” is because technically the credit is non-transferable, meaning you can’t move it from your Travel Bank account into another person’s Travel Bank account.

But, happily, the “yes” is because you can use your Travel Bank credit to buy someone else’s ticket. The passenger who is flying does not have to be the person who bought the ticket using a Travel Bank credit.

So, you can use your Travel Bank credit to buy a ticket for your spouse, significant other, child, parent, friend, whoever. But the person who was issued the credit must be the one to book the flight that uses the credit.

Only good on flights, must book within a year

Note that Travel Bank credits are only good on JetBlue flights, not for baggage or in-flight purchases. Also, they expire 365 days after being issued. However, you don’t necessarily have to take the flight within 365 days, you just have to book it within 365 days. So, for example, if your credit expires April 1 and on March 29 you book a flight using your credit for a flight that takes off on May 1, you’re good to go!