Average Health Insurance Costs 2020

What are people in the United States paying for their health care? What are their monthly health insurance premiums? And, after accounting for their out-of-pocket expenses (deductibles, copays, prescriptions), how much are they actually paying per year?

Using a number of sources, we came up with the following estimates. These numbers include individuals and families getting health care both through their employers and through health insurance marketplaces. It measures what people are actually paying, after any subsidizing from their employers or from the government:

Per Family

The average family has a monthly health insurance premium of $605 per month. Adding out-of-pocket expenses, the average family pays $7913 per year for health care.

Per Individual

The average health insurance premium for an individual of any age is $205 per month. The overall yearly cost with premium and out-of-pocket expenses is $2681.

Younger, healthier individuals will pay less. The average health insurance premium for a 25-year-old individual is $175 per month, with a yearly cost of $2289.

Costs Vary Widely From The Average

Note that these figures include a wide variety of health plans and life situations. Those with employer coverage almost always pay less than those buying on the open market. Those with high-deductible plans may pay significantly less, while those with plans offering numerous benefits will pay more. Those with small children or seniors as part of the covered family will generally pay more, while younger couples with no children or middle-aged couples with grown children will generally pay less.