By Adam Jusko,,

NOTE: Originally published in 2018; don’t miss the video! – Are Terro Liquid Ant Baits the very best ant killer on the market? I don’t know. What I do know is that when the run-of-the-mill cheapo ant traps didn’t work, these Terro ant baits did the job in no time. (BTW, this is NOT a paid post, just talking about a product I actually used that was worth the money.)

Here’s my story…

The Ants Invaded

As the weather warmed up in the spring, the ants came, more so than any other year I could remember. Our neighbors said it was bad for them, too.

First, it was just a few ants in the kitchen. But they were the big carpenter ants, those ones where you can easily see every section of their crunchy little bodies. We put out some of those little ant traps on the floor, those whitish ones with the dome-like structure. Those work on the itsy-bitsy ants, but the carpenters seemed to laugh them off. We left the traps out to see if they’d eventually work — the ants that go to those traps are supposed to bring the poison back to the nest and kill off the rest — but the numbers increased, and I knew it would only be a matter of time before they made it to the pantry.

They Made It To The Pantry

The little ant traps didn’t work. The carpenter ants found the food and were now setting up camp in the pantry. We needed more firepower.

We Bought The Terro

It only costs about $5 or $6 bucks for a pack of 6 baits. Each one has a little liquid poison gold inside. You just twist off the top of the bait and put it out. At first I was confused, because when you twist off the top it leaves a very small hole for the ants to get through. I thought it seemed too small. It wasn’t.

The Ant Dance

The ants came a-runnin’. It was like a Conga line as they dutifully headed to the baits to drink their doom. If I thought the opening was too small in the traps, I should’ve remembered how small ants are. Before long they were easily squeezing through and 6 or 7 or 8 of them were in there at a time.

The goal here is to leave them alone as they make their way to the baits so they can poison themselves as well as all of their friends back in the nest. It was definitely difficult to not pound them with my bare fist. There were so many! I resisted the urge and within 24 hours they were few and far between. Another 12-24 hours — no sign of them, except a few dead stragglers.

Remember It’s Liquid!

After they were dead, I went to get the traps to toss them out and sort of forgot there was an actual liquid in there. I spilled some on the floor. No big deal, but just remember that fact when you go to dispose of the trap.

Did The Job When I Needed It

Other people online might tell you that you can just whip up a Borax solution on your own, or that you should find some other less toxic way to kill the ants. But when they reach my food supply, I am done with rational solutions. The Terro Ant Baits did the job for $5 or $6, whatever it was, and now I know where to turn if necessary in the future.