Best Financial Radio & TV Shows

Want to learn about personal finance without reading so many words? Check out these networks/shows on radio & TV:

  • CNBC – Cable TV channel with a heavy emphasis on the stock market. Watch it on TV or live online.
  • The Dave Ramsey Show – Personal finance writer with strong opinions on the right and wrong ways to handle money has his own radio show as well as a downloadable audio podcast.
  • Fox Business – Cable TV (and radio) channel dedicated to money & (obviously) business.
  • on YouTube – Our own series of over 400 videos on a variety of personal finance topics, with an emphasis on credit topics.
  • Bloomberg – Cable TV channel tracking the markets and other money issues. (There’s Bloomberg Radio, too.)
  • The Truth About Money with Ric Edelman – Personal finance questions are answered on this TV show that airs on certain public television stations and can also be watched online.
  • Marketplace – National Public Radio program offers economic news and features. Generally more broad in scope, but many stories touch on personal finance issues.
  • Motley Fool Money – The Motley Fool investing site also offers a radio show in many markets — you can also listen to it as an online podcast.
  • The Clark Howard Show – Nationally syndicated personal finance expert and consumer advocate has a radio show that is carried on over 200 stations nationwide.
  • The Rich Dad Radio ShowRich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki hosts this financial radio show/podcast with a variety of guest interviewees.
  • Shark Tank – ABC show on Friday nights won’t help you with your finances but interesting for aspiring entrepreneurs to get a taste of how investors in small companies think.
  • Moneytalk with Bob Brinker – Investing and personal finance radio show is carried on many radio stations across the United States.
  • Money Radio 1510 – This radio station talks finance all day long. It’s located in the Phoenix area, but you can listen online even if you don’t live there.