It’s time to get Dad a gift again! Yes, we know you were hoping you only had to do that once, but, alas, the occasions keep coming. Whether you’re searching for Dad’s birthday, or Christmas, or getting a jump on Father’s Day, here are some excellent gift ideas for Dad:

Bronze Dad Picture Frame – Pop a picture of yourself with Dad into this picture frame and you are sure to score with the big guy.

Uniqlo Full-Zip Hoodie – You want your dad to be a little cooler but not look like he’s trying to look 16? Uniqlo is a good brand for basic clothes that have a little style without going too far out on a limb. This hoodie is a good example — not too young, but doesn’t scream “Dad hoodie.”

Man Crates – Themed crates full of man stuff, with lots of crate types, from food to barware to tools to workout equipment. I’ve been sort of into Moscow Mules lately and would be completely open to someone getting me the Moscow Mule crate pictured above. To make this gift a little more fun, you have to open it with a crow bar, which is helpfully included with the crate.

NFL Cleat Slippers – Dad doesn’t want just any slippers. He wants slippers that look like the cleats of his favorite NFL team. (He may not know he wants slippers that look like cleats, but he does.)

Carnivore Club Rub & Grilling Salt Set – Does your dad like rubbing up the meats on the grill, getting all excited about which flavor combination he wants to try today? Then this rub & salt set might be for him. (Or any other rub/spice gift you think fits the bill; this one’s just an example.)

Google Home – Is your dad a techie guy? Would he dig a voice assistant thingie in the house? He can ask it questions, control his music playlists or smart home appliances, and whatever else he can come up with. Amazon Echo is the other major choice in this area.

Mac Sports Folding Portable Hammock – Why do dads love hammocks? Who knows, but Dad loves the idea of napping outdoors in a swinging cradle. This one folds up and can travel fairly easily, so Dad can get hammock time anywhere.

A gift to charity – Maybe dad doesn’t need any more stuff but likes the idea of helping others. You could give a gift in your dad’s name to his favorite charity, or just pick a charity you think matches up with things he cares about. Perhaps UNICEF.

Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager (With Heat) – Dad is constantly working hard and his back and shoulders are a scary clump of unhappy tightness. Help him work out those knots and be happy again with an automatic massager he can use anytime. And that heat makes it feel extra good.

Grant by Ron Chernow – A lot of dads are into history, especially military history. One of the most recent popular biographies is that of Ulysses S. Grant, written by history writer Ron Chernow, who also wrote the Alexander Hamilton bio that the famous musical is based on.