In our book, the very best rewards credit cards available at any particular time are going to take into consideration the following: everyday rewards, bonus opportunities for new cardholders, extra perks and credits, and the card’s annual fee (if any). Here are our rewards credit card picks for this month:

  • Wells Fargo Active Cash – A simple rewards formula: 2% cash back on everything you buy with the card. No annual fee. While there are other 2% “flat” cash-back credit cards on the market, this one currently wins because it also has a potential new cardholder bonus of $200.
  • Citi Custom Cash Card – This rewards credit card automatically gives you 5% cash back in the spending category where you spend the most each month, and 1% cash back in all other categories. Potential 5% spending categories include: restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, select travel, select transit, select streaming services, drugstores, home improvement stores, fitness clubs, and live entertainment. Note that the 5% cash back is capped at a maximum of $500 in purchases in that category, so if you make a huge purchase in one of those categories, only the initial $500 is going to get that 5% rebate. No annual fee.

  • Capital One SavorOne Rewards – Cash back credit card gives you a 3% rebate in a variety of categories, including grocery stores, restaurants, entertainment purchases, and most streaming services. 1% back on any other purchases. No annual fee.
  • US Bank Cash+ Visa – This cash back credit card gives you 5% cash back in two spending categories of your choice, and 2% cash back in another category of your choice, with all other purchases getting 1% cash back. The potential spending categories for 5% cash back include TV/Internet/Streaming Services, Cell Phone Providers, Home Utilities, Furniture Stores, Electronics Stores, and 7 other category options. The 2% categories are Grocery Stores, Gas Stations, or Restaurants. Note that there is a cap on the 5% categories of $2000 per calendar quarter; any spending you do in those categories beyond $2000 would earn 1%. No annual fee. New cardholder bonus opportunity of $200.
  • Navy Federal More Rewards – (Note that you must qualify to become a member of Navy Federal Credit Union to get this card.) You’ll get nice rewards on everyday spending categories with this NFCU card: 3 points per dollar (equivalent to 3% cash back) on supermarket purchases, restaurant purchases, gas purchases, and transit purchases. 1 point per dollar on any other purchases. No annual fee. Last we checked, a potential 15,000-point ($150) new cardholder bonus was available. (NFCU changes bonus offers frequently; be sure to check current offer if interested in this card.)
  • Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards – While not as strong as some of the other cards on this list, its secret weapon is that you can get 3% cash back in a purchasing category of your choice, and one of those choices is “online shopping,” a category that other credit cards just don’t have. Beyond the 3% choice category, you get 2% back at grocery stores and wholesale clubs, 1% everywhere else. Note that there is a $2500 quarterly cap on those 3% & 2% categories, which means if you spend over $2500 in those categories combined in a calendar quarter, all purchases after $2500 earn just 1%. This card has no annual fee.