By Adam Jusko,,

Chase has announced that grocery store and home improvement purchases are the 5% earning categories on the Chase Freedom credit card for the second quarter of 2019. According to Chase, the card has not offered 5% on home improvement stores since 2014, so there is something new in Quarter 2 for most Freedom cardholders.

The new 5% rewards categories will go into effect on April 1 and extend through June 30. The 5% reward is earned on the first $1500 of purchases within the combined rewards categories during that quarter. After that, you’ll only earn 1% on those purchases. (You’ll only earn 1% on any other purchases with the card as well.) For example, if you’ve spent $1000 at grocery stores and $500 at home improvement stores, you’ve reached the ceiling for earning 5% in that quarter, and all other purchases will earn 1%.

Note that grocery store purchases generally do not include grocery purchases at stores like Walmart and Target, or online with Amazon. Those purchases must come from dedicated grocery stores versus the superstores that sell groceries along with a multitude of other merchandise.