Chase Sapphire Preferred Trip Delay Reimbursement – How It Works


Updated April 14, 2023 – If you’re a card_name credit card holder (or are thinking about applying for the card), you can be reimbursed for certain expenses when your travel plans get delayed. Key things to know about this travel insurance that Chase calls Trip Delay Reimbursement:

Tickets Must Be Purchased with the Chase Sapphire Preferred

This may seem obvious, but the trip delay reimbursement is only offered if you used the card_name to buy your plane tickets (or train tickets or cruise tickets or bus tickets) in the first place. You can’t buy your tickets using some other payment method and then expect Chase to reimburse you just because you have the Chase Sapphire Preferred!

Trip Must Be Delayed At Least 12 Hours (or Require An Overnight Stay)

Trip delay reimbursement is not for every delay, only those that are a serious inconvenience of over 12 hours and/or delays that require you to stay overnight in a city that is not your travel destination.

Maximum Reimbursement is $500 Per Ticket

For most delays, it’s unlikely you’d spend more than $500 per person for accommodations, meals, etc. But if for some reason you do, your reimbursement will be capped at $500 per ticket per trip.

What Is Covered and What Is Not

Trip delay reimbursement covers:

  • Meals
  • Lodging if you’re forced to pay for a hotel.
  • Toiletries, if necessary to purchase
  • Medications, if necessary to purchase
  • Other personal use items
  • Taxis or other local transportation
  • Car rental, if necessary

It does not cover:

  • Prepaid expenses for the trip
  • Any delay that you knew about before the trip began

How To File A Trip Delay Claim (and How To Prove Your Claim Is Legitimate)

You can file a Trip Delay Reimbursement claim online at or by phone at 1-888-320-9961. You must make your claim within 60 days following the date of the delay. You will then get a claim form which you must submit, along with supporting documentation, within 100 days of the date of the delay.

The supporting documentation you’ll need in order to prove your claim may include:

  • Your card_name card statement showing that the trip was purchased on the card.
  • A statement from the travel provider verifying that the trip was delayed.
  • Receipts for purchases made.
  • Copies of original itinerary or tickets.

This article can’t cover every possible situation. If you need to know more, download the Complete Guide To Benefits to get more information on Chase’s Trip Delay Reimbursement insurance and other card benefits.

Author: Adam Jusko