Dell Customer Service Support Phone Number & Other Assistance Options

Updated September 12, 2023 – If you need Dell customer service support, below you’ll find the go-to Dell customer service phone number as well as other help options. (You are not currently on a Dell website.)

Dell Support By Phone

  • The general Dell support phone number is 1-800-624-9896. Most customer service questions can be answered at this number (or can transfer you to the right place), but you can also find other Dell support phone numbers for specific customers here.
  • For Dell Financial Services, the phone number is 800-283-2210 for consumers, 866-413-3355 for small business customers, and 877-663-3355 for larger enterprise leases and loans.

Dell Sales Chat or Phone Callback

Dell Self Service Support

  • Many questions or technical issues can be solved on your own with Dell’s huge online support hub, including questions related to warranty status, computer drivers, order support and much more.