Does Chase Sapphire Preferred Cover Global Entry or TSA PreCheck?


Updated March 13, 2023 – The card_name does NOT cover costs or offer credits on fees from your Global Entry or TSA PreCheck application.

If that card benefit is important to you, Chase does offer a Global Entry or TSA PreCheck or NEXUS Fee Credit on the card_name card. That credit is up to $100 every four years as reimbursement for the application fee charged to your card.

While the Global Entry or TSA Pre credit is nice to have, the card_name does come with a more modest $95 annual fee versus the $550 annual fee on the card_name.

(On the other hand, the card_name offers a host of other perks in addition to Global Entry/TSA Pre credit, including a $300 annual travel credit, airport lounge access, more generous points rewards, and more.)

But if you’re not ready to jump in on a higher-end travel credit card, it might make more sense to get a card like the card_name and simply foot the bill yourself for Global Entry or other airport security programs, especially since the cost of these programs is modest on a per-year basis. (For example, TSA PreCheck has an $78 application fee, but, assuming you are approved for the program, membership is good for 5 years, which averages out to only $15.60 per year.)

Author: Adam Jusko