Does Chase Sapphire Preferred Have Lounge Access / Priority Pass?


The card_name does NOT have airport lounge access through Priority Pass or any other program.

If lounge access is important to you, Chase does offer airport lounge access via the Priority Pass program on the card_name card:


While airport lounge access is nice to have, the card_name does come with a more modest annual_fees annual fee versus the annual_fees annual fee on the card_name. (Though the card_name offers many more perks in addition to airport lounge access, including a $300 annual travel credit, more generous points rewards, Global Entry or TSA PreCheck credit, and more.)

But if you’re not ready to jump in on a higher-end travel credit card, it might make more sense to get a card like the card_name and simply foot the bill for Priority Pass yourself. The Standard Plus membership in Priority Pass is priced at $329 per year and gets you 10 lounge visits, or you could choose the Standard membership which is $99 but still requires you to pay $35 for each lounge visit. One of these might make sense if you’re an infrequent traveler but want lounge access.


You might also look at the card_name, which includes unlimited Priority Pass and Plaza Premium lounge access as a benefit and has a lower annual fee (annual_fees) than any credit card we know of that offers unlimited lounge access. (In addition, Capital One is also building its own Capital One-branded lounges that you can access as a card_name cardholder.)

Author: Adam Jusko