How To Check American Express Gift Card Balance

Check Your Gift Card Balance Online:

You can check the balance on your American Express gift card at, which is an official American Express website.

Check Your Gift Card Balance By Phone:

Find out your gift card balance by calling the following phone number: 1-888-846-4308

What You’ll Need To Check Your Card Balance Online:

  • 15-digit card number
  • Expiration Date: 2-digit month & year (For example, 12/23 for December 2023)
  • 4-digit security code from FRONT of gift card

Additional Information:

  • Both personal and business gift cards can be checked at the same site.
  • You do not need to log in to see your Amex gift card balance online. However, note that if you DO try to log in at, the User ID and password are NOT the same as your American Express User ID & password (if you have one already). You would need to establish a separate account for the site — but, again, you do not have to log in if you only want to check your gift card balance.

Notes on Using Your Gift Card:

  • American Express gift cards can only be used for purchases in the United States, and only at merchants that accept other types of American Express cards.
  • Physical Amex gift cards can be used at stores or online. If using online, choose “Credit” or “Debit” as the payment method. (Not “Gift Card”)
  • American Express eGift Cards can be used online or used in store when added to these digital wallets: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay
  • You can not get cash from your gift card.