How to Order Checks for Chase Bank

Chase Bank gives you several options for ordering new checks, including the ability to do this online. Here are your options:

1. Log In and Order Online – Once you’re logged in to your Chase Bank account, choose “Order checks & deposit slips” from the dropdown menu. You’ll see check designs, prices, and your order cost will be deducted from your bank balance if you order this way.

2. Visit a Chase Branch – You can order personal or business checks inside any Chase branch location.

3. Choose An Outside Check Printing Service – You don’t have to order your checks from Chase at all. You can have checks printed by a multitude of other companies who specialize in check printing for less than banks generally charge. (You’ll still want to compare their prices to Chase’s checking printing price, of course.) Well-known alternate check printers include:

If you use one of these outside printing services for your Chase checks, you’ll need to know Chase’s routing number and your checking account number to give to the check printer. This information is found at the bottom of any Chase checks you already have:

Ordering checks is a fairly simple process, whether you order from Chase or from someone else. And, once you’ve successfully done it once, future re-orders are even easier.