How To Pay Arizona State Taxes

If you worked in Arizona and made enough money in the past year, you are required to file a state tax return. You can choose to file your taxes electronically or by mail. See below for your options to file your return and pay any owed taxes in each way:

  • Online: You can e-file for free using one of the options presented on this page, which include using tax preparation software or fillable state tax forms (in PDF format). To pay any tax owed on your Arizona state return online, go to
  • By Mail: You can download Form 140 and other state tax forms here, then fill them out and send them to one of the following addresses (depending on if you need to make a payment along with your return): If you DO need to include a payment with your return, send the return and payment to Arizona Department of Revenue, P.O. Box 52016, Phoenix, AZ, 85038. If you do NOT owe a payment, send your return to Arizona Department of Revenue, P.O. Box 52138, Phoenix, AZ, 85038.