If You Need Food, Don’t Be Too Proud To Ask

You have a job, you have a home, you aren’t the person who’s supposed to need help putting food on the table. But things happen outside of your control. Something goes wrong in your family, at your job, with your health. Suddenly you’re hanging by a thread.

Most likely, you’re a proud person, and you should be! But if you and your family need food, don’t be too proud to seek help. There are many wonderful resources for assistance, whether it’s from your government or from local food pantries/food banks. Your options include:

Government Assistance:

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, is a program from the United States Department of Agriculture that works with individual states to provide money to low-income families for basic grocery needs. In the past the program was known as “food stamps.” These days, benefits are delivered on a debit card that will be automatically loaded with a certain dollar amount each month.

  • You apply for this program at the state level. Go here for information by state on how to apply online or how to contact your local SNAP office.

Local Assistance:

Feeding families that need help is an activity gladly taken on by many local organizations. In some cases, this may mean supplying groceries that you use at home. In other cases, it means offering a sit-down meal for you at their location.

The online site Feeding America is a good resource to locate food banks and similar organizations/facilities in your area.

People Want To Help

You’ve probably done a lot of good things for people in your life, and you know how good it feels to help others. If you’re now in need of help with food, let others get the good feeling of helping you this time.