Instant Approval Store Credit Cards

(This is a regularly updated post; last update 6/8/22.) Credit cards from retail stores often give customers instant approval. In fact, they often will approve you instantly, and even incentivize you to use that card the same day by giving you an immediate discount on your first purchase. Below is a list of store credit cards that may approve you instantly, along with information on any extras they might give you as a new cardholder:

  • Amazon Store Card – This Amazon credit card is accepted only at Amazon (unlike the Amazon Visa) and offers special financing on larger Amazon purchases. You can be instantly approved and will instantly get a $10 Amazon gift card added to your account when you are.
  • Apple Card – Apple (and card issuer Goldman Sachs) may approve you and let you use the card instantly, although at first you’ll only be able to use it from your iPhone or other Apple device. (You can also get a physical card but you’ll have to wait for that in the mail.) This cash-back MasterCard gives you a 3% rebate on your Apple purchases, 2% on most purchases when you use the card with Apple Pay (some Apple Pay purchases give 3%), and 1% on everything else.
  • Athleta Credit Card – Get instantly approved here and you’ll get 20% off of your first purchase with this credit card.
  • Banana Republic Credit Card – The GAP family of stores is well-known for offering instant approval on their credit cards, and Banana Republic is no exception. You’ll get 20% off your first purchase when you’re approved.

  • Barnes & Noble Mastercard – You’ll “get an instant response” to your application for the Barnes & Noble credit card. If approved, you’ll get 5% back on B&N purchases, 2% at restaurants, 1% everywhere else, plus a quick $25 Barnes & Noble gift card after your first purchase with the card.
  • Bealls Florida Credit Card – Regional department store offers the possibility of instant approval.
  • Belk Credit Card – This store definitely wants you to be instantly approved — they’ll give you 20% off most items you buy with the card if you apply today, are approved, and use the card immediately.
  • Best Buy Credit Card – You’ll get 10% back in rewards on today’s purchases at Best Buy if you “Apply Today, Shop Today,” as their website states. The obvious message there is that your card application may be instantly approved.
  • Cabela’s Credit Card – When you click through to the Cabela’s Club credit card marketing page, it will imply that instant approval is a good possibility, based on this message: “Receive $20 in CLUB points upon approval.”
  • The Children’s Place Credit Card – You’ll “get 30% off today” when you become a cardholder, so obviously that means you have a fairly good chance at instant approval.
  • Gap Credit Card – Gap loves to get their credit card in your hands. Whether you apply online or in-store, instant approval and immediate use is highly probable.
  • Home Depot Credit Card – According to the Home Depot website, you could save up to $100 on today’s purchases when you open and use their credit card for your purchases, which definitely implies you could be instantly approved.
  • IKEA Credit Card – You’ll get $25 off your first purchase of $25 or more “when you open and use your IKEA Visa credit card immediately upon approval.”
  • JCPenney Credit Card – “Get up to 15% off today when you open and use” the JCPenney store credit card. That definitely implies that instant approval is common.
  • Kohl’s Charge – The Kohl’s credit card offers 35% your first purchase with the card — if you make that purchase in store or online within one day of opening the card. In order for that to happen, you’d need to approved fast, perhaps instantly.
  • Lands’ End Credit Cards – You can get 50% off your first purchase using the Lands’ End Visa or store credit card “at time of account opening” which suggests you could be approved instantly.
  • L.L. Bean Credit Card – Get 15% off your first purchase with the L.L. Bean Mastercard “today upon approval.”
  • Macy’s Credit Card – Get 20% off your purchases with the Macy’s card both today and tomorrow, with a maximum savings of $100. Of course the only way you’ll get that discount today and tomorrow is if you get instant approval, which is highly likely.
  • Neiman Marcus Credit Card – “Get 5000 bonus InCircle points when you open an account and make a purchase on the same day.” That implies that instant approval is very common.
  • Nordstrom Credit Card – Nordstrom store credit card or Nordstrom Visa is very open to the idea of instant approval. In fact, you’ll get encouragement on the cards’ application page to “Start Shopping ASAP” with your new card, and you’ll even get a $40 gift “note” when you use the card on the same day you are approved.
  • Old Navy Credit Card – Popular casual clothing store is part of the GAP family of stores, and it’s credit card is as easy to get as the other GAP cards — you’re likely to be instantly approved unless your credit history is terrible.
  • Sephora Credit Card – You’ll get 25% off your first Sephora purchase if you apply for the Sephora Visa or store card and use it today after being instantly approved. Also offers other rewards, starting with a 4% reward on Sephora purchases.
  • TJX / TJ Maxx Credit Card – The credit card of TJ Maxx and its sister stores Marshalls, HomeGoods, and Sierra is open to instant approval on your application. If you are instantly approved, you’ll get 10% off your first purchase with the card.
  • Ulta Credit Card – Popular beauty store chain instantly approves many cardholders and will give you 20% off your purchases if you use the card on the day you are approved.

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