JCPenney Coupons & Discounts

JCPenney offers occasional coupon offers as well as ongoing coupon opportunities for JCPenney credit card holders or those on the JCPenney email list. Here’s how to make sure you’re getting all of the available JCPenney coupons out there:

  • JCPenney Credit Card Coupons & Discounts – When you carry the JCPenney credit card, you get access to cardholder-only coupons and discounts, and those coupons/discounts become better and more frequent if you reach the Gold cardholder level (when you spend at least $500 with the card at JCPenney or in a calendar year) or the Platinum cardholder level (at least $1000 spent with the card at JCPenney/ in a calendar year). You can also earn $10 rewards certificates toward a future JCPenney purchase every time you’ve earned 200 reward points (which usually requires spending $200 on your JC Penney credit card).
  • JCPenney Email List / Text List Coupons & Discounts – When you sign up to get emails or texts from JCPenney, you’ll get all kinds of coupons and news on discounts and deals. You can sign up on any page of by going to the bottom of the page and looking for the little form to add your email address or phone number:


  • Coupons on JCPenney Home Page – At the bottom of the JCPenney home page, you’ll see a little tab labeled “Coupons”. When you click on it, it’s going to expand and show you current coupons and deals. Here’s how it looks at first:


Then after you click:


  • JCPenney Weekly Ad – JCPenney has a LOT of short-term sales, and one way to keep track of all of these coupons and discounts is by checking the Weekly Ad page on their website.

That’s About It – Don’t Be Fooled

Beyond the coupons and discounts listed above, you’re not going find much more by browsing around the Web, because almost every site that pretends to have JCPenney coupons or coupon codes is just taking the same coupons and codes that are already listed on JC Penney’s own site.

JCPenney is well-known for lots of sales, discounts, coupons, etc. to try to get you to shop, so finding them doesn’t really take much more than looking at their website, signing up for their email, and maybe getting their credit card.