KFC Coupons (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

If you’re looking for a discount on your next KFC meal, you have a few go-to options in seeking coupons and coupon codes:

  • Colonel’s Club Email Coupons – Sign up for a KFC / Colonel’s Club account, and be sure to click the “Sign up for Email Updates and Promotions” box to receive KFC coupons via email.
  • KFC App – Download the Kentucky Fried Chicken app to your mobile phone for coupons and special deal offers.
  • Local Offers – Note that many KFC coupons are offered on a local basis and can be found through coupons mailed to you as well as in local publications.

These are almost always going to be the only options available to you, as you will quickly find that every coupon site claiming to have KFC coupons or coupon codes beyond those options is simply lying.