LA Fitness Employee Portal and Employment Information

Current and Former Employees:

Prospective LA Fitness Employees:

Types of Jobs

LA Fitness has needs for employees in many different areas in their clubs, from fitness instructors to personal trainers to membership professionals to equipment maintenance and overall facility maintenance.

How To Apply

You can find job descriptions for the various LA Fitness positions here. In terms of an online application for employment, pretty much all of the positions will use the same basic app to reach the company — click here for that.

Should You Work There?

As an employer, LA Fitness gets mixed reviews from its current and former employees at online review sites, but the nature of these sites tends to emphasize the negative, since people having positive experiences are less likely to take the time to review their employer, while those who are unhappy are more likely to vent their frustrations.

However, understand that you will be working at a fitness club, and the experience you have at LA Fitness is likely to be similar to that of other, similar types of clubs. For many people, a job at LA Fitness is shorter-term employment as they study toward a different career or it may be a stepping stone to starting their own business as a fitness instructor. Therefore, many people may be willing to accept modest salaries in exchange for flexibility or for access to LA Fitness customers if they are starting a personal trainer career.