Lowe’s Credit Card – How To Apply & Check Application Status

Updated September 27, 2023 – Below you’ll find the information you need to apply for a Lowe’s credit card and/or check on the status of a Lowe’s card application you’ve already completed.

Lowe’s Credit Card Application Options

Check Your Lowe’s Credit Card Application Status

The customer service phone number to check the status of your Lowe’s credit card application is

  • Lowe’s consumer credit cards: 1-800-444-1408
  • Lowe’s Business Rewards American Express: 1-866-537-1397
  • Lowe’s Business Advantage Card: 1-800-508-2520
  • Lowe’s Commercial Account: 1-866-232-7443

Note that you may have to navigate an automated menu of choices to reach a customer service representative that can check your card status.