McDonald’s Breakfast Hours end at 10:30 or 11 (except for a few All-Day Breakfast McDonald’s)

Updated September 7, 2023 – Each McDonald’s restaurant has the power to set its own breakfast hours, so there is not a consistent answer to when breakfast hours begin and end at every restaurant.

However, regular McDonald’s breakfast hours start when your local McDonald’s opens in the morning (which may vary slightly, but 5:30 is often the start) and breakfast usually ends at 10:30AM.

There are some McDonald’s restaurants that end breakfast a bit later, at 11AM, and there are still some McDonald’s that offer All-Day Breakfast, but those are few and far between. (McDonald’s generally stopped offering All-Day breakfast in 2020 and so far has not made plans to bring it back, so most restaurants are under no pressure to offer it unless they want to.)