By Adam Jusko,,

AMC Theatres announced today a new movie subscription service called Stubs A-List that will compete with MoviePass, Sinemia, and any other similar services — and could very well kill them off.

Higher Price But Solves “Pain Points” of Competitors

AMC Stubs A-List subscribers will pay $19.95 per month, essentially double the $9.95 per month charged by MoviePass. However, AMC is offering certain features that MoviePass and Sinemia either don’t have or have taken away. Specifically, Stubs A-List allows you to:

  • See up to 3 movies per week
  • See multiple movies in the same day
  • See the same movie multiple times
  • Book up to 3 movies in advance
  • See 3D and IMAX movies as part of the subscription

While MoviePass allows up to one movie per day, many subscribers have been unhappy that they can no longer see the same movie multiple times. MoviePass also forces moviegoers to buy at the theater versus booking in advance. In general, MoviePass put these roadblocks in place to keep its subscribers from using the service too often. AMC is jumping on those “pain points” to offer a package that many people will see as a good value — without the roadblocks.

Friday to Thursday is a Week, No Carryovers

The Stubs A-List subscription will treat a “week” as beginning on Friday and ending on Thursday for purposes of calculating the 3-movie limit. In addition, there will be no “carryover” of movies from week to week. If you don’t see 3 movies this week, you don’t get to carry them over to the next. In other words, you can’t see 2 movies this week and carry over the extra to see 4 movies next week.

The Verdict

Overall, the AMC Theatres Stubs A-List subscription service looks like a winner. They’ve solved many of the pain points of other services while still providing good value at a reasonable price.

AMC has put MoviePass in a bind. While AMC is not the whole theater universe, they are a major player with locations across the United States. MoviePass is struggling to survive, and having a major theater operator come out this strong against them could spell the end. MoviePass could raise its prices and bring back features like multiple views of the same movie, but then they would start to compete with AMC in a game they can’t win. AMC can discount its prices and still make a profit because it has the movies. MoviePass still has to pay full price while giving its customers a discount, losing money on each ticket. In the end, though, it’s all good for the frequent moviegoer.

The AMC Stubs A-List program begins Tuesday, June 26.