By Adam Jusko,,

If you have the NFL credit card from Barclays Bank, you can receive an extra 1000 points in April and/or May if you spend at least $1000 with your card in that particular month. I received this offer via email, but it doesn’t seem to be targeted or require any signup — just do the spending to get the points.

I’m not a big fan of this card because it only gets 1 point per dollar in rewards, but I’m at around 47,000 points and getting to 50K is a priority because that will get me 2 tickets to an NFL game this coming year, and my Cleveland Browns are going to be awesome. So this bonus offer would really only be like getting 2 points per dollar if I hit those spending targets, but I might make a point of doing so in order to get it over with so I can get those tix.