Ohio Work From Home Jobs

Updated December 16, 2019 – Many work from home jobs can be done from anywhere, so start with our list of the best work from home jobs here. But some work-at-home jobs require you to live in certain states. On this page, we offer a list of work-from-home jobs that are specifically for those in the state of Ohio. (Some of these may accept people from other states, but all specifically state Ohio as one of the states where they are hiring.)

  • Enterprise – Well-known rental car company hires at-home reservation sales representatives and customer service representatives. Last we looked they had work-from-home jobs in these Ohio cities: Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Canton, and Springfield.
  • InfoCision – Work from home as a phone representative recruiting volunteers or raising funds for non-profit organizations. Recruiting from only 12 states, with Ohio being one of them.
  • OneSupport – Hiring business customer service and sales support representatives for work at home jobs by phone. Pay starts at $10 per hour. Offers jobs in Ohio and about 18 other states.
  • Working Solutions – Event ticketing sales & other work at home (by phone) jobs available in Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo, Youngstown, and Canton.
  • YiYi English (Cincinnati & Columbus) – Teach English As A Second Language (ESL) to kids online. In Columbus or Cincinnati.