Review: Airbnb Lisbon, Portugal Apartment #10676988

My family (two parents and a teen boy and teen girl) visited Lisbon in June of 2017 and we stayed at Airbnb #10676988, described on Airbnb as “Sunny Terrace in Downtown Lisbon.”

The area around this apartment is nothing special, a little gritty but it felt safe enough. It was a convenient spot, however, for our adventures around Lisbon. Here’s a picture looking down from our terrace toward the street:

Here are a couple of pictures of that sunny terrace, which was, indeed, sunny and a nice place to hang out, especially when it got slightly stuffy inside:


Here are my impressions of the place:

In terms of size, it was good for our family of 4. Unless you have more than four or are very picky, the space should be plenty. Most important — two bathrooms!! That made things much easier, which we especially learned when we changed apartments partway through our trip and only had one bathroom for the last couple of nights.

There are two bedrooms: my wife & I used one, our daughter used the other, our son slept on the fold-out couch in the living room. The second bedroom had no window to the outside, just a vent in the wall to the living room that let air in/out. Our daughter said it was hot in there some nights. The master bedroom was comfortable temperature-wise. Note that the windows had no screens but we left them open at night anyway and there was no bug problem, which surprised us. (It was June.)

The living room, kitchen area, and eating area are all one room, so there is not a ton of space, but, still, it’s bigger than a hotel room. Our son has gluten allergies, so we wanted a kitchen to keep certain things that we knew were OK for him to eat. It also saved us some money because we ate our breakfasts in the apartment and had snacks available, too.

Here’s how the main room looked with all of our stuff strewn about. The couch is cut off in the lower left-corner:

To get to the apartment on the fourth floor, you have to climb quite a few stairs, which are steep and fairly narrow. It wasn’t the easiest thing hauling our luggage up (or down), and we’re pretty fit. This isn’t a knock on the apartment; the second place we stayed had even more steps to climb. But you should be aware that you’re unlikely to find elevators in Lisbon apartments, so if you can’t lift your luggage a good way, don’t go for upper-floor apartments.

The one complaint I had about this apartment is that it is loud. It has thin walls and you are packed in a tight neighborhood, so you hear your neighbors both inside the building and outside. I am a fairly light sleeper and more than once I was sure someone had actually come in the apartment because the sound felt so close. You can even hear the screeching peacocks in the morning; I assume that was from the Sao Jorge Castle, which is quite a distance away (you can see it from the patio, which is nice), but those peacocks can make some noise.

Overall, we’d recommend the apartment for its location, decent space, great outdoor patio, and multiple bathrooms. But bring your earplugs.