Review: Airbnb Lisbon, Portugal Apartment #12535147

My family (two parents and a teen boy and teen girl) visited Lisbon in June of 2017 and we stayed two nights at Airbnb #12535147 described on Airbnb as “A Terrace on a Topfloor with a view.”

When our cab dropped us off here, we were a little unsure. The door to the apartment was full of graffiti, and the street it’s on looked only OK. After hiking up over 100 stairs with our luggage — yes, it’s on the 6th floor and no elevator, so don’t stay here if you can’t handle that — the owner Marta let us into a very pretty apartment with lots of space, including a separate kitchen and dining area, living area, and second floor with two beds (excuse our messiness in the second photo!):

That last photo is a view from the balcony. It is awesome! Just a great space. I liked it so much I also took a short video so you could really get a feel for it:


This apartment has air conditioning! Many places in Lisbon do not. However, it was a little difficult to control, with the upstairs getting very cold while the downstairs felt good. We were only there two nights; we probably could’ve found the right setting if we’d stayed longer.

On the downside, the couch was the only place to sit in the main living area, not ideal for a family but fine for a couple. One of the beds did not have sheets for us while we were there, so I ended up sleeping on the foldout couch with my huge 15-year-old while my wife slept in an upstairs bed with my daughter. Not a big deal, but it wasn’t clear why we didn’t have use of the second bed. If you have more than two people, make it clear if you want both beds ready for you.

The apartment only has one bathroom, which is maybe to be expected, but we had come from another apartment with two so we were a little spoiled. Again, we are 4 fairly large people. This may not phase you at all, depending on the size of your group.

Overall, a very nice experience here and we would definitely recommend it, as long as you’re game for the hike up to the 6th floor.