Sites Like Fingerhut 2023

Fingerhut is a “buy now pay later” shopping catalog, meaning that Fingerhut will offer you financing to purchase the items in its catalog (and on its website), even if your credit is not so great.

If you like Fingerhut and/or have used it in the past, you may want to know of other sites like it, offering the same sort of “buy now pay later” financing on a range of merchandise. Here’s a list to consider:

  • Montgomery Ward – At one time, Montgomery Ward was a famous department store. When it went belly up, though, its name was purchased and the brand was transformed into a company much like Fingerhut, with the same range of department store items and with a promise of “easy credit’ to help you make your purchases.
  • Seventh Avenue – You’ll see the Buy Now Pay Later message as soon as you click through to this online retailer similar to Fingerhut, with on-the-spot financing and a catalog of bed & bath items, furniture, electronics, jewelry etc.
  • Stoneberry – Stoneberry encourages you to shop its catalog online and then take them up on their Buy Now Pay Later financing offer when you’re ready to check out. If you get a pre-approved catalog in the mail, you’ll find details on their credit offer there as well. Like Fingerhut, it offers everything from clothes to housewares to electronics.
  • HSN – What you might think of as purely a home shopping TV channel is essentially the same type of retailer as Fingerhut. A wide variety of house goods, clothing, jewelry, etc., with its FlexPay program and/or HSN credit card being two ways to finance your purchases with ease.
  • QVC – The other big name in home shopping is also similar to Fingerhut in its wide range of products and its use of credit and financing offers to make paying easier.
  • Ginny’s – Another Buy Now Pay Later site similar to Fingerhut from the same company that owns Montgomery Ward and Seventh Avenue listed above.
  • Venue – This site has some similarities to Fingerhut, but the financing on its items is all from outside lenders.

There are also many other “buy now pay later” retailers that specialize in certain categories, but these are the ones most like Fingerhut in terms of offering a wide selection of general merchandise and relatively easy credit.