Square / Cash App 877-417-4551 Phone Number

Updated November 15, 2023 – If you’ve received a call from 877-417-4551 or perhaps seen it on a credit card statement or other financial transaction, that phone number is from the company Square, which allows small merchants to accept credit cards via their mobile devices. Square also owns the Cash App, which allows you to send money between friends via your mobile device.

Because Square is the company that allows small merchants to process credit cards, it’s possible you will see Square’s name and the 8774174551 phone number associated with a transaction that was actually initiated by one of their small business clients. You can look up the receipt for a particular transaction here.

If you feel that a Square transaction is fraudulent, you can contact Square or contact the Cash App team (see this page for Cash App support as well), but you might also want to contact your credit card company or bank if you want to make sure your issue gets dealt with correctly and (hopefully) quickly.

You can call Square at 877-417-4551 but you’ll only get a recorded message telling you to get help online.