No one is simply handing out dollar bills y’all, but many companies are willing to give free money as an incentive to get you to do something else. Want to make free money fast? Try these opportunities first:

Sign Up For The Wells Fargo Propel Card – Now this one does require a little work, because to get that $300 you have to spend at least $3000 with this credit card in the first three months that you have it. On the upside, it’s a strong rewards card that gives you 3 points (or 3% when used toward cash back) for every dollar you spend on eating out, gas purchases, rideshares (i.e., Uber & Lyft), flights, hotels, car rentals, home stays (Airbnb), and streaming services. You get 1% back on everything else. Do you have $1000 or more in expenses that you can put on this card for three months? If so, you’ll get an extra $300.

Get a Free $200 for Opening a Chase Checking Account – Open a new checking account with Chase and get free money to the tune of $200, provided you also do at least one direct deposit into the account as well. Chase defines a direct deposit as “an electronic deposit of your paycheck, pension or government benefits (such as Social Security) from your employer or the government.” (You can also get a free $150 if you open a Chase savings account and keep at least $10,000 in the account for at least 90 days.)

Sign Up for a Blue Cash Everyday Card – Get this rewards card from American Express and you’ll get $200 put into your account, provided you charge at least $1000 in purchases in the first three months you have the card. (Just make sure you pay back your purchases in full so you don’t get charged any interest!)

Sign Up for an E-Trade Account – This one is in the “need money to make free money” school. You’ll get a free $200 if you deposit at least $25,000 into a new E-Trade account. (You can actually get even more free money if you have more to deposit, including $300 if you deposit at least $100K or $600 if you’ve got so much money that you can deposit $1 million.)

Sign up for a Capital One Quicksilver Credit Card – You’ll get a fast $150 free as long as you use this credit card for at least $500 in purchases in the first three months that you have it. (You’ll also earn 1.5% cash back on all the purchases you make with this card, so the free money/rebate keeps on coming.)

Open a Bank of America Checking Account – Another free money opportunity if you’re willing to open a bank account and direct deposit at least two deposits in the first 90 days of having the account.

Earn a Free $50 in the First 6 Months with Smart Panel – Sign up and download this free app that tracks your usage of the Internet on your phone and other devices for research purposes. They say it is completely anonymous in terms of how the data is collected and that your privacy is protected. You’ll earn $5 per month plus occasional bonuses, so you could earn $50 in the first six months but also greater amounts if you stick with it.

Sign Up for the Amazon Visa – Get approved for the rewards credit card and you’ll get a free $50 Amazon gift card credited to your account instantly, even before you’ve actually used the card. (If you’re a paid Amazon Prime customer, your free bonus money is $70 after card approval.)