Unsecured Credit Cards – No Credit History

You want a credit card but you have no credit history. It’s a “Catch-22” — banks won’t take a chance on you because you have no credit, but you’ll have no credit unless someone accepts you.

Below we offer some unsecured credit card options for those with no credit history. Note that you may have a higher interest rate with these cards and may have to pay an annual fee. (If that sounds bad, you might consider using a secured credit card to help build your credit. This requires a security deposit but may be cheaper overall.)

Store Credit Cards, Gas Station Credit Cards

Credit cards from department stores or specific gas station chains are often easier to be approved for when you have no credit history. The interest rates are often higher, and you may be limited to purchases at that one retailer. But it can be a way to begin building a credit history. Some options:

Fingerhut – Well-known catalog/Internet retailer says “We can often say Yes! when others say no” and if you “make your payments on time, you build your buying power with us, and we report your payment history to the credit bureaus.” ***

Others to consider:

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