Walmart Customer Service – Phone Number & Live Person Chat

Updated September 8, 2023 – Walmart has a number of ways for you to reach their customer service representatives or help yourself with information already posted online:


For many different Walmart issues, you can find answers without communicating with an actual person. Walmart has an extensive customer service resource that you can access online here.

But you probably already knew that and are looking for a real live person to help you from Walmart. Read on…

How To Reach A Live Person At Walmart By Phone

  1. The Walmart customer service phone number is 1-800-925-6278 (1-800-WALMART).
  2. You will initially get a recording asking you whether you are calling about a order or if you need other help. Choose the option that fits your issue to get automated information or to reach a live person.


Log in using this link to find the Walmart customer service “chat bot”, which will try to answer your question by automated means, but will connect you to a live person via chat if the chatbot can’t satisfy your request.