By Adam Jusko,,

Wells Fargo has added its own deals portal, offering cardholders the chance to earn cash rebates on purchases with specific merchants. The Wells Fargo Deals we are seeing as of this morning include:

  • Happy Cards – Spend $100, Get $15 back
  • MGM Resorts Las Vegas – Spend $500, Get $100 back
  • Ray-Ban – Spend $150, Get $30 back

According to the Wells Fargo Deals terms & conditions, some of these deals are “Amex Only,” which seems to include only the Wells Fargo Propel American Express, since Wells Fargo does not offer any other Amex cards. All of the deals I saw were Amex Only, but I am a holder of the Propel American Express Card and none of the bank’s Visa cards, so I’m not sure if Wells Fargo Visa cardholders might be seeing something different.

Wells Fargo Deals appears to be for consumer credit cards only. Business credit cards, prepaid cards, and ATM-only cards are specifically ineligible, according to the Wells Fargo Deals terms & conditions.

The Deals portal is run in partnership with Cardlytics, which also runs the deal portals of Bank of America and Chase credit cards. The deals seen in these portals are somewhat customized based on the spending patterns of cardholders, so not every cardholder sees the same offers.