Amazon sells everything, right? Well, not everything, but all sorts of things you never would’ve expected back when they just sold books. Including some really, really expensive things. In the interest of nothing more than curiosity, we decided to find the 7 most expensive things on Amazon.

To be clear, we are only looking at items for which is the seller; Amazon partners are not included in this list. Here’s what we found:

1. Classic Lighting Maria Theresa Chandelier – You’ll most definitely get free shipping if you buy this $50,000+ chandelier that looks like you might find it in some disgraced, deposed dictator’s ostentatious castle from the turn of the 20th century. That’s not a knock — it’s a darn good-looking light fixture.

2. Fluke Networks OptiFiber & CertiFiber Pro QUAD OTDR and OLTS for Fiber Optics Certification and Troubleshooting – If you’ve got $30,000 or so lying around, you can get this very expensive device that does some sort of testing of the fibers in data centers. That’s all we know, but if you are someone that understands exactly what this is for, you could buy it on Amazon.

3. Loloi Majestic Area Rug, Camel/Beige – That old Ikea rug was nice when you were just starting out, but now it’s time to upgrade to something more in the $7,500 range, don’t you think? This 100% wool, hand-hooked rug from India is huge, at 12 feet x 17.6 feet, which makes the price per square foot seem almost economical.

4. Bon Chef Chafer/Coffee/Dessert Station – Don’t let your friends outdo you at their dinner parties — get this massive piece of functional furniture to set your chafers/coffee urns/dessert trays upon. Expensive but so worth it at just over $7000.

5. Vestil Electric Pallet Truck – If you have a lot of money, there is a good chance you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff and at this point you might need to actually be stacking your many items of conspicuous consumption ON TOP OF EACH OTHER in your home. On pallets. It’s also possible you might be running a warehouse and this would come in handy, but I like the idea of the rich person moving merchandise around their palace better. Expensive, though maybe not so expensive for a new pallet truck: $6438.00 at last check.

6. Portacool PACHR3701F1 Hurricane 370 Portable Evaporative Cooler – Got a situation on your hands that requires you to cool down the temperature in a hurry? The Portacool engineers “pushed the laws of physics” with this baby. A satisfied buyer commented that they “cannot put it on high it will blow everything off the walls in the shop.” Power like that is going to a bit expensive, at just about $5000.

7. Zentique Winni Day Bed – I don’t know if I’d drop 5000 bucks on a day bed, though this one IS upholstered in velvet, which sounds luxurious. I’d never let any guests sleep on it, though, if I paid that much and it had velvet all over it.