What is MyMedicalPayments? Can I trust it?

Updated February 13, 2019MyMedicalPayments is a website that lets you pay for certain medical visits online. Hospital emergency rooms or specific doctors or labs sometimes contract out payment services, meaning they have you pay your bill on MyMedicalPayments.com and then they get reimbursed by the company that actually takes the payment.

It just so happens that in this case, the company that runs MyMedicalPayments is actually named Reimbursement Technologies, Inc., “a premier nationwide physician billing and financial management company.” The phone number for the company is 1-800-355-2470, with 9:30AM to 4:30PM being the time phones are answered.

There is also a contact email of billing_questions@emcare.com. Looking at the emcare.com in that email address, it leads to Envision Physician Services, which is the provider of physician services at certain hospitals and health facilities.

Modern healthcare always seems to be a tangled web, and this is no exception. However, if you have a medical bill from a provider that seems to be legitimate, there is no reason to be suspicious of the My Medical Payments payment site. Nevertheless, it is always wise to check in with your insurance company if you are unsure, to determine if this is a bill you actually owe.