Where can you use your Avant credit card? Who accepts the Avant Mastercard?

  • Because the Avant credit card is a Mastercard credit card, it will be accepted everywhere that Mastercard is accepted, which is just about anywhere credit cards are accepted in general.

Mastercard is the Key

Mastercard and Visa are the two biggest credit card payment networks, so if a store, restaurant, gas station, or any other merchant accepts credit cards, Mastercard is almost always going to be a card you can use. That means your Avant credit card is going to be good just about everywhere these days, except for the few places that take cash only.

(However, note that there are certain merchants that won’t accept Mastercard. For example, if you are a Costco member, Costco only accepts Visa inside its stores. Still, this is a rare exception, and your Avant Mastercard will work just fine almost everywhere else.)

Sometimes when a credit card is more of a “starter” credit card or perhaps a “rebuilding” card for those with past credit problems, you might understandably think that it would be limited in where it is accepted. Happily, your Avant credit card will work at all kinds of places that accept Mastercard!