Most people like to run their robotic vacuums when they’re not home, so that little critter can do its work without getting underfoot. But sometimes you’ll want to run it when you are home, and, since it takes a while to do its job, you’ll want a robot that can vacuum quietly.

In our research (as well as a little personal experience), the brands Eufy, Ecovacs, and iRobot (Roomba) are generally very quiet across all models. Eufy in particular is mentioned by many to quietly go about its business so you can watch TV or talk on the phone or let your baby sleep. However, the Roomba line of robot vacs has a long history of being very effective at the cleaning itself, with few complaints from its many purchasers. Combine that with its quiet nature, and that may be the best choice.

Actually, that would be our choice, as you’ll see in the short list below. The robotic vacuums listed are generally the most popular of these quiet models, but you could safely choose other models from these brands as well. (NOTE: Links are from and we get a small cut of the purchase price if you buy via our links.)

iRobot Roomba 675 – As mentioned, Roomba’s the granddaddy of robot vacs, loved by (almost) all, and it knows how to keep its voice down as it goes about its business. Maybe not the absolute quietest of these three, but Roomba’s history makes it our best overall choice for quiet + effectiveness. (On the other hand, also the most expensive at about $270 last we checked.)

eufy RoboVac 15C – There is sort of a cult around the Eufys, both for the quiet and for the startlingly good job it does. Like any cult, however, it has its detractors, maybe because people who bought into the cult and had a less-than-stellar experience feel somehow tricked. Overall, though, the RoboVac 15C or any other Eufy is likely to make you smile more than a vacuum should. (Also the cheapest of the three on this list.)

EcoVacs DEEBOT N79S – Here’s what they say about this robot vac’s quiet ride: “The N79S noise level in standard suction mode is about ~67 dbA, and can reach ~70 dbA when in Max Mode. This audio level is sufficiently low that you can comfortably watch television or chat on the phone without being disturbed.” Sounds like what you’re looking for and gets good reviews from most of its current owners. Cheapest here at less than $150.