Which Starbucks Location Makes the Most Money?

We all know Starbucks is ridiculously successful and has tens of thousands of locations in the United States and around the world. But which location is the most successful, hauling in the most revenue each year?

We asked Starbucks. They wouldn’t tell us. (“We do not release this level of information,” they said.)

So we had to try to figure it out on our own. How? Well, with a little science, a little supposition, and a little hearsay, we made this list of 7 Starbucks locations that are probably at least in the top ten, though it’s hard to know which might take the top spot for making the most money.

(Note that this list does not include the massive Starbucks Roastery locations. The Shanghai Roastery has been confirmed by Starbucks as having the highest revenue of any single location, but it is much larger than a traditional Starbucks store, so we decided not to count it or the Seattle Roastery location.)

  • The Original, 1912 Pike Place, Seattle, Washington – Technically, Starbucks did not start here (it moved here from a previous spot nearby), but it is the child of the original and is thus the location open longest. It’s small, at only about 1,000 square feet, but you won’t be surprised to learn that visitors are more than willing to stand in line (out the door) to say they had a cup at the very first Starbucks location. Translation: this store makes a LOT of money, maybe the most of any Starbucks location.
  • 43rd & Broadway, New York City – The “Times Square Starbucks” is likely to be doing a brisk business. In fact, in the past, Starbucks reps have said that it is one of the top two stores, with the original location above being the other. Which location is #1 today?

  • CIA Headquarters – According to this 2015 article, the Starbucks inside the CIA compound is the “busiest” location, mainly because it is difficult for employees to get outside the campus to get their coffee elsewhere. Does that mean it makes the most money of all Starbucks? Maybe yes, maybe no, but it’s definitely close.
  • Starbucks at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom – There is a huge built-in audience of thirsty people going through Disney World each day, and it’s a good bet that harried parents like the idea of their familiar Starbucks drink being available. We’re guessing this location cleans up. (Disney has multiple other Starbucks stores at Disney World and in Disneyland as well.)
  • Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo – We have no hard numbers, but this heavily-trafficked pedestrian crossing, sort of the Japanese version of Times Square, has a packed Starbucks that is often mentioned as being one of the busiest in the world. Perhaps even the busiest?
  • Westheimer & Post Oak, Houston – This Texas-sized Starbucks location does high volume. There are a lot of people in Houston, if you weren’t aware. But is it big enough to be #1? Not quite.
  • Lebec, California – We’re a little dubious on this one since it’s sort of in the middle of nowhere, south of Bakersfield, California. But this blog post reports that former Starbucks COO Troy Alstead said back in 2013 that this location was “top five” in volume. Maybe when you’ve been driving through the desert a long time, questioning all of your life’s decisions, a Starbucks feels like a Godsend.

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