About Proud Money

Proud Money is your online hub for everything money. From earning more money in your career, to earning more money through saving & investing, to understanding money terminology, our mission is to help you understand personal finance inside and out, plus find the best financial products and services to meet your goals.

Why “Proud” Money? Because taking pride in your financial life should be your goal. Take the wheel proudly and powerfully. Steer your finances instead of just letting things passively happen to you — so you’ll never be left wondering why other people seem to have so much more money than you do.

Who is Proud Money?

Proud Money was founded by Adam Jusko (pictured on the wildly, outrageously popular ProudMoney.com YouTube channel). The bulk of Adam’s career has been spent observing and reporting on the credit card industry, so Proud Money will always keep a keen eye on what’s new and good (or bad) in credit cards, credit scoring, rewards, etc. But that’s just one piece of the puzzle.

In addition to the content you find on Proud Money, Adam also contributes expert commentary for personal finance news stories and features from other online publications, including these articles:

Email adam@proudmoney.com if you’d like input on a news story or feature you are writing.