About Proud Money

Proud Money is an online magazine dedicated to… money. How we get it, how we spend it, how we save/invest it, how our money compares to other people’s money, you name it. Any topic that fits the earning/saving/spending/comparing theme is up for consideration and (sometimes) debate.

In addition, you’re going to find a good amount of content that you might describe as “self help” or “personal development.” Why? Because our belief is that you earn more money and you keep more money when you intend to do so. When you consciously think about exactly what you want out of life and how you are going to get there, your behaviors will follow that vision. (We all go off track, but having a vision means you have a track to go back to!!!).

So, who you are you in the world? How educated are you? How good are you at working with other people? How motivated are you to go “above and beyond” the expectations that a job title suggests? Do you hustle or do you do the bare minimum? These and other life questions will be considered alongside the nuts-and-bolts of personal finance.

Proud Money was founded by Adam Jusko, a long-time observer and reporter on the credit card industry who desired to expand the pie and discuss personal finance (and life) under a new brand. Adam’s baby Credit Card Catalog is a sister site to Proud Money, and may one day be folded in — for now, we hope you’ll consider it as a complementary resource.

You can contact Adam at adam@proudmoney.com and if your email makes any sense whatsoever he will try to answer it ASAP. You can also send him a text at 216-644-9184 if you want to shoot the breeze. Other contributors to the site have their emails listed on their authored stories, but they hate talking on the phone and texting, so email’s your only option there. (They do like staring at their phones, though… very odd.)