Chase “Select Live Entertainment” – What’s Included?

Every so often, Chase offers greater rewards when you make purchases in the “Select Live Entertainment” category. For example, Chase is offering 5%/5x points in the Select Live Entertainment category for 3rd Quarter 2023 as part of its 5% rotating categories on the Chase Freedom Flex. (Note that 5% categories have a $1500 quarterly spend cap on all purchases combined in the 5% categories offered.)

But what exactly is included in Select Live Entertainment? Chase has described it like this:

“Live Entertainment includes major professional sporting events, zoos and aquariums, concerts, theatrical productions, museums, tourist attractions and exhibits, amusement parks, circuses, carnivals, bands, and entertainers (ticket agencies selling on behalf of the entertainment venue are included).” (NOT included: movie theaters, bowling alleys, horse racing tracks, casinos, and dance hall/clubs.)

Based on that definition, it should be fairly easy to predict some of the activities that would fall under Select Live Entertainment, but others might be more difficult to know for sure. For example, seeing a musical artist in concert at a well-known performance space or your favorite NFL team at their home stadium should definitely qualify.

But some “Live Entertainment” is more vague. What qualifies as a tourist attraction? What qualifies as a carnival? It will all depend on how the purchase is “coded” by the merchant. You might clearly be at a carnival, but if that carnival is being run as a fundraiser for a local church or other not-for-profit agency, it probably won’t “code” as a carnival for the credit card transaction, meaning it wouldn’t qualify for the extra rewards.

So, in some cases, it should be pretty clear. But, if in doubt, maybe do a small transaction with the merchant to see if you’re getting the enhanced rewards from Chase before you spend too much on the assumption that you’re getting those sweet extra points.

Author: Adam Jusko