Mortgage Rates Today

  • As of November 1, 2022, the average 30-year fixed mortgage rate is 6.93% APR. The average 15-year fixed mortgage rate is 6.12% APR.

Other key current rates are listed in the table below:

Mortgage Type Interest Rate
30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage 6.93% APR
20-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage 6.54% APR
15-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage 6.12% APR
7 Year ARM (Adjustable-Rate) 6.31% APR
5 Year ARM (Adjustable-Rate) 6.19% APR
30-Year FHA 7.13% APR
30-Year VA 6.44% APR
30-Year Jumbo 6.59% APR
15-Year Jumbo 6.24% APR

Mortgage interest rates continued to trend up over the last month, but they are currently below the highs we saw in mid-October. While we might see rates hold steady in the short term, there is currently nothing in the wider economy to suggest that they will go significantly lower anytime soon.

NOTE: these “average” rates encompass a large number of lenders and a large number of different U.S. geographies, so the rates you are quoted may be different than you see here — be sure to shop around.

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