Amazon Visa Credit Card FAQ (Amazon Rewards Visa & Prime Rewards Visa)

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Amazon Rewards Visa credit card and the Amazon Prime Visa credit card (for Amazon Prime members, obviously). (NOTE: For Amazon Visa login, payment, and customer service info, go here.) Have other questions? Ask them in the comments on the bottom of this page.

Q. Does the Amazon Visa credit card have an annual fee?


Q. What bank issues the Amazon Visa credit card?

Chase is the issuing bank for Amazon’s Visa cards.

Q. Can I use the Amazon Visa credit card anywhere or only at Amazon?

You can use it at Amazon and anywhere else that Visa is accepted, which means almost every retailer that accepts credit cards would accept this card.

Q. Is there a sign up bonus opportunity if I apply and am approved for the Amazon Visa?

Yes. You will have an Amazon gift card loaded on to your account automatically when you are approved for the Amazon Visa credit card. The amount of that bonus gift card varies depending on the current offer. As of December 17, 2021, the bonus was $150 for Amazon Prime members who get approved for the Prime rewards Visa and the bonus was $75 for the Amazon Rewards Visa for new cardholders who are not paid Amazon Prime members.

Q. What is the interest rate / APR of the Amazon Visa credit card?

Your credit card APR could be anywhere from 14.24% to 22.24%, depending on Chase’s assessment of your credit history. Rates are variable, meaning they could automatically move up or down in line with Federal interest rates. (As of December 17, 2021)

Q. Does the Amazon Visa credit card have a grace period before purchases get charged interest?

Yes. You will have three weeks from the end of the billing cycle to pay your bill to avoid interest charges. Note that you must pay off the complete balance from the previous billing period by the due date in order to not be charged interest. For example, if a billing period ends on September 3, you would have until September 24 to pay off all the purchases made before and including September 3 in order to avoid interest. (The amount you must pay to avoid interest is usually described as the “statement balance.”)

Q. Does the Amazon Visa offer a pre approval or pre qualification online?


Q. What are the credit score requirements for Amazon Visa credit card approval?

In general, a credit score above 700 will usually lead to an approval for the Amazon Visa credit card. Scores from 650 to 699 may also be approved, but odds of approval are less. Below a 650 credit score, most Amazon Visa credit card applications will be denied. (These scores are estimates; there is no guarantee of approval/disapproval at any given credit score.)

Q. Does the Amazon Visa credit card offer instant approval?

Yes, to some people. If your credit history is judged to be strong enough, you might be approved almost immediately and may be able to use your card for Amazon purchases right away. (You’d have to wait until the physical card comes in the mail to use it anywhere else, though.) There is no guarantee of instant approval, however; some applicants will have to wait longer to get a decision on their application.

Q. Which credit bureau will Chase pull my credit report from when I apply?

It is impossible to say for sure. Approved cardholders have had their reports pulled from any of the three bureaus — Equifax, Experian and Transunion. Chase does not offer any information as to how they choose which credit reporting agency they will use for any particular applicant.

Q. Will it be a hard inquiry on my credit report if I apply for the Amazon Visa credit card?

Yes. You should count on a hard inquiry / hard pull that will slightly decrease your credit score.

Q. How can I check the status of my Amazon Visa application?

The Amazon Rewards Visa is issued by Chase. You can call Chase to check the status of your application. The phone number is 1-888-247-4080.

Q. What is the credit limit on an Amazon Visa card?

If you are approved for an Amazon Visa credit card, the credit limit will be at least $500 at a minimum. However, most new cardholders will be given higher credit limits, some as high as $10,000 or more. Credit limit increases may also be available to some cardholders over time, depending on their payment history and other factors. Chase decides on credit limits based on your individual credit history, income, etc., and there is no pre-set formula that can tell you for sure what limit you will receive.

Q. Can I take my Amazon Visa credit card rewards as cash back or do I have to redeem them for Amazon purchases?

You can choose to get cash back as an account statement credit (which lowers your credit card balance by the amount of the points redeemed) or choose to get cash as a deposit into a checking or savings account located in the United States. Points earned on the card are worth a penny per point when redeemed for cash back. For example, 10,000 points = $100 cash.

Q. Can I transfer a balance from another credit card to the Amazon Visa? Is there a special interest rate on balance transfers? Do I have to pay a balance transfer fee?

Yes, you can transfer a balance, but note that there is a 5% balance transfer fee and the APR on the transferred balance will be the same as the APR for new purchases. There is NOT a 0% introductory offer on balance transfers.

Q. Does the Amazon Visa charge a foreign transaction fee?

No. You will NOT be charged extra for purchases from retailers outside of the United States.

Q. Can I get a cash advance from my Amazon Visa credit card?

Yes, but it will be expensive to do so. First, you will pay a fee of 5% of the amount of the cash advance (or $10 at a minimum if 5% comes out to less than $10). Then, you will have no grace period on the cash advance, meaning you will begin paying interest on that cash immediately. Finally, the APR on the cash advance will be higher than it is on purchases — 24.99% last we looked.

Q. Are points earned on the Amazon Visa the same as Chase’s Ultimate Rewards points? Can I combine them?

No. Chase’s Ultimate Rewards program does not include the Amazon Visa. Rewards earned on the Amazon Visa can not be combined with any other Chase credit card.

Q. If I am an Amazon Prime member when I am approved for the Amazon Visa but then cancel Amazon Prime, will my card get shut down?

No, but you will no longer earn the 5% reward on and Whole Foods purchases if you cancel Prime. You would instead earn 3% on those purchases.

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